What Is the Difference Between HYVE 5000 vs HYVE 30mL / 60mL Eliquid?

Posted by Granite Vapor on Apr 19th 2023

What Is the Difference Between HYVE 5000 vs HYVE 30mL / 60mL Eliquid?

Are you one of the million Americans who love to vape but hate having to deal with messy cartridges and changing out your vape every so often? If so, disposable vapes are about to become your new best friend.

They offer several benefits, including being lightweight, compact, and easy to use. However, choosing the right brand of disposable vape can make all the difference. HYVE is a brand we know, love, and recommend to all our customers.

If you're a fan of HYVE disposable vapes, you may wonder what the difference is between the popular HYVE 5000 and its brethren, HYVE 30mL and 60mL e-liquids. Understanding these distinct options can help ensure your vaping experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Follow along as we look at each product to learn how they stack up against one another. Stay tuned ‘til the end, when we explain where you can find the best disposable vapes in Silverdale, WA, and surrounding areas.

What is HYVE?

HYVE disposable vapes are rapidly gaining traction among vaping enthusiasts. Boasting innovative features and cutting-edge designs, these vapes are easy to use and maintain. This makes them a must-have for every vaper out there. Let's explore just a few of the benefits of HYVE vapor. Then we'll walk you through the difference between 5000, 30mL, and 60mL.


One of the top reasons why HYVE disposable vapes stand out in the market is their hassle-free, pre-filled e-juice system. Say goodbye to the mundane task of refilling your vape. HYVE disposable vape has enough e-liquid to last for an extended period.

Furthermore, messy clean-ups and maintenance are a thing of the past, as the HYVE disposable vapes stay leak-proof and user-friendly.

Unique Flavors

Notably, HYVE disposable vapes cater to various flavor preferences. You'll find an extensive range of flavorful options to delight the palate. From delectable fruity concoctions to rich dessert-inspired delights, a world of taste exploration awaits you.

This makes HYVE disposable vapes perfect for individuals who crave variety and are not content with the mundane taste of standard tobacco options. As we'll explain briefly, they also come in varying strengths. This means they're great for those looking for just the flavor of a vape and not the HYVE nicotine.


One of the most remarkable features of HYVE disposable vapes is their impressive durability and longevity. These nifty little devices are built to sometimes last for a whopping 5,000 puffs (at least the HYVE 5000 vapes are). For most vapers, this ensures you'll enjoy every bit of satisfying vapor before needing a replacement.


HYVE has formed strategic alliances with some of the most renowned vaping brands to offer the industry's most unique and top-quality products. This includes collaborations with prestigious names like LYF, Chubby, and Salish.

As a result, HYVE disposable vapes boast a combination of exceptional design, functionality, and flavor resulting from the collective expertise of these partnerships.

Their impressive puff count, enticing flavor range, and partnerships with esteemed industry brands all contribute to the high semantic richness of the HYVE experience.

Invest in a HYVE disposable vape from Granite Vapor and elevate your vaping journey to new heights today.

Types of HYVE Vapor

While HYVE is known for its disposable vapes, other aspects of the HYVE brand are worth learning about if you're considering a HYVE 5000 or HYVE 2500 vape. Knowing what you're buying and vaping is important, regardless of the brand you choose. Here are three things to know about choosing a great HYVE vape.

HYVE Salt Nic

Within the realm of vaping, salt nicotine, or "salt nic," is a revolutionary ingredient that has altered and improved the way vapers experience and enjoy their flavors.

Derived from the natural nicotine salts in tobacco leaves, salt nic is a specialized form of nicotine combined with benzoic acid. This transformative process allows the nicotine to be more easily absorbed in the body and provides a smoother, more satisfying hit.

HYVE disposable vapes are renowned for their unmatched ability to deliver a kaleidoscope of rich, refreshing flavors. This is all thanks to the incorporation of high-quality salt nic e-liquids. From exotic fruity concoctions to refreshing menthol infusions, there is a delectable HYVE flavor for every palate and preference.

HYVE Disposables

Disposable means just that. You can dispose of the vape as soon as the e-liquid runs out. This means no more changing or refilling your vape, dealing with coils, or cleaning items.

HYVE disposable vapes require no setup, charging, or refilling. You can enjoy their intricate flavors and smooth nicotine experience without the hassles typically associated with traditional vaping devices. Simply open the package, inhale, and indulge.

HYVE Collaborations

Lastly, HYVE is well-known for its unique partnerships and cross-collaborations. These disposable vape "remixes" are born from unique partnerships, each contributing their specialized expertise to craft a truly remarkable vaping experience.

These collaborators, who are handpicked from the apex of the vaping industry, come together to offer a product range that is striking and versatile. HYVE believes these groundbreaking collaborations can help provide people with amazing vaping adventures while elevating the variety and caliber of disposable vapes.

And they do that really well. Take HYVE x Chubby and HYVE x Propaganda vapes. The latter comes in unique flavors, such as Sour Blue Razz and Sour Peach Strawberry. The Chubby partnership has yielded scrumptious bubblegum flavors, such as strawberry bubblegum and a sugary-sweet and chewy grape gum flavor.

HYVE 5000

Introducing HYVE 5000: The ultimate go-to disposable vape that lets you take control of your nicotine intake while delivering a satisfying, easy-to-use vaping experience. Granite Vapor proudly presents this top-of-the-line vape as an attractive choice for those who want to support a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the enjoyment of vaping.

Nicotine Strengths

HYVE 5000 disposable vapes are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of today's vapers, ranging from nicotine-free options to intermediate strengths.

For example, you'll find 0% nicotine-free disposables for those who have conquered their cravings. You'll also find 5% and 2.5% strengths for those looking to taper off or maintain their intake; HYVE caters to vapers across the spectrum.

Puff Count

As the name suggests, HYVE 5000 disposable vapes are good for about 5,000 puffs. While this is one of this brand's most popular disposable vape options, you can choose a smaller option. HYVE offers the 2500, which should last about half as long as the 5000.

Rechargeable Battery

Not only are these vapes versatile in terms of their nicotine levels, but they also pack a punch in terms of performance. HYVE 5000 vapes are designed to last and feature a powerful 650mAh battery that promises optimal daily functionality.

Worried about your battery suddenly dying? Fear not: the HYVE 5000 comes with a USB-C charger, ensuring you're always ready to vape without any unexpected interruptions. This is the ease of use we were talking about above. Disposable vapes, particularly from HYVE, allow you to recharge the vape until the HYVE e-liquid runs out. Then you can dispose of it. They're maintenance-free!


For those who are just embarking on their vaping journey, the HYVE 5000 effortlessly simplifies the process of learning how to vape.

With its user-friendly design and rechargeable batteries, beginners will find it easy to adapt to this new way of satisfying their nicotine desires. Moreover, these disposable vapes require minimal setup and maintenance, allowing new users to focus on vaping enjoyment rather than troubleshooting potential issues.

Plus, the HYVE disposable 5000 vapes look cool. The sleek and streamlined packaging of the HYVE 5000 is visually appealing and environmentally friendly. HYVE is committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainable alternatives in the vaping industry by offering a disposable choice. Remember to recycle them; don't leave them lying around when you finish them.

HYVE Vape Benefits

To sum it up, HYVE 5000 disposable vapes are the ultimate solution for vapers of all levels looking to efficiently manage their nicotine consumption while enjoying a top-of-the-range, hassle-free vaping experience.

Granite Vapor invites you to explore the many benefits of HYVE 5000 vapes. We believe they're a wise choice for your health, wallet, and sanity (if you've had to fumble with coils and refills as a beginner vaper, you'll know what we're talking about).

HYVE e-Liquid Strengths

So, you know that HYVE 5000 vapes come with about 5,000 puffs. This means that the puff count has nothing to do with the nicotine strength or the amount of e-liquid in the vape. So, aside from choosing the right puff count, you'll need to consider your:

  • Desired nicotine strength (usually 0%, 2,5%, or 5%)
  • e-Liquid

Let's explore the latter. When heated within a vaping device, e-Liquid transforms into an inhalable vapor that simulates the experience of traditional smoking without many harmful byproducts of burnt tobacco.

When purchasing e-Liquid, one of the key details to consider is the size of the bottle, which can directly influence the overall cost of the product. Depending on the brand or retailer, vape juices typically come in various sizes, including 30mL, 60mL, and even larger bottles.

HYVE 30mL, therefore, refers to HYVE e-Liquid that comes in a 30mL bottle. In some rare cases, you might find small disposable vapes listed as 30mL. However, most disposable vapes, especially from HYVE, are sold under puff count (i.e., 5000 or 2500). So, looking at mL quantity is only important if you're purchasing e-Liquid to refill another type of vape.

Smaller bottles, like 30mL, can be excellent for vapers looking to test new flavors or for use in a portable vape setup. The larger 60mL bottles, on the other hand, are ideal for committed vapers who prefer a specific flavor. Basically, once you know you love a flavor, you can start purchasing the larger bottles. They're usually cheaper because you're purchasing more.

30mL vs. 60mL: Which Is Better?

If you're purchasing a HYVE disposable vape, you won't likely have to make this decision. Because you can't refill a HYVE 5000 vape, for example, you just get the e-Liquid quantity that comes in it. In most cases, this is about 12mL.

For example, Mucho x HYVE vapes' Mucho Juice Box disposable vapes come with 12mL of e-liquid. That's the case for HYVE x Propaganda disposable vapes, too.

However, when it comes to refillable vapes, you have to decide on the quantity of e-Liquid you need. Obviously, a 30mL bottle is smaller and has less e-liquid, while a 60mL bottle is bigger and has twice the amount. Which one should you buy, you ask? It actually depends on how often you'll use it and what works best for your wallet.

Some people like to buy a 60mL bottle because it lasts longer and can be a better deal, while others prefer to grab a 30mL bottle to try out new flavors or take along with them on adventures. So, the choice is all yours.

We suggest that if you're new to vaping, have fun exploring the wonderful world of e-Liquids. Test out a few flavors in 30mL bottles first to get a feel for what you like. Remember, e-Liquids come in several flavors. There are hundreds of e-Liquid flavors to choose from at Granite Vapor. However, HYVE specifically offers some that include the following:

  • Arctic Freeze
  • Peach Strawberry
  • Watermelon Lemonade Ice
  • Sour Strawberry Gummy Ice
  • Vanilla Tobacco
  • Sweet Mint

The last two flavors are great for mild, natural flavors. If you want something fruity or sweet, HYVE offers that too. Have fun trying a few flavors (HYVE or not), and then, when you've found something you love, upgrade to 60mL bottles of e-Liquid to benefit from those cost savings.

Buy HYVE Disposable Vapes

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