Salt Nic Menthol

We have found that menthol flavors are a huge hit in Kitsap County. That’s why we have a large selection of them in salt nicotine - from the iciest menthols to flavors with a cooling hit. Some of our favorite menthol flavors include: 7Daze Reds Apple Watermelon Ice, California Grown’s Napa Nectar Cool, and Time Bomb’s TNT Ice.
7Daze Reds Apple Watermelon Ice is one of the icier salt nic flavors out there. It is a wonderful mix of red apples, watermelon, and icy menthol. We do carry more renditions in this brand at Granite Vapor, like Strawberry Ice, Grape Ice, and more. These flavors do come in low and high salt nic content.
Napa Nectar, a Granite Vapor staple, with an addition of cooling menthol, makes Napa Nectar Cool. This blend of mango, pineapple, and cooling menthol will remind you of those great summer days on the lake. Also available in low and high salt nic content. What we love about this flavor so much is that it is so smooth, even at 50MG.
If you’re looking for a blended fruit menthol, Time Bomb TNT Ice will be your jam. It is strawberry, apple, and peach blended together with a layer of icy menthol. Available in low and high nicotine content.
Whether you are looking for the iciest menthol or a cool hint of menthol in salt nicotine, Granite Vapor has got you covered. Check out our flavor menu and talk to one of our awesome staff members at the store in Silverdale, Washington.