Rebuildables & Tools

Calling all advanced vapers! Granite Vapor is known for its employee technical knowledge and helpfulness when it comes to helping vapers choose devices and e-liquid, but we can also help with your rebuildables. From RDAs to tool kits, we’ve got you covered.
If you’ve found yourself here and don’t know what rebuildables are, let’s get into it. RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. So instead of installing a premade coil and filling up a tank, the vaper builds the coils, installs the cotton, and drips the e-liquid onto the coils. The coolest thing about RDAs is the flavor - it is unbeatable. Now, RDAs have turned into a hobby for some, since it is a lengthy process to create the coils, thread the cotton, and drip onto the coils everytime it is dry. 
There are also RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) and RDTA (Rebuildable Deck Tank Atomizer) as well. These do have tanks, but you will still need to build the coils and thread the cotton yourself.
The Hellvape Drop Dead RDA is just one of the rebuildables that Granite Vapor carries, but it is definitely a favorite. The Drop Dead RDA was built in collaboration between Vapin’ Heathen and The Vapor Chronicles. It is an incredible mix based on the designs of the Drop RDA and the Dead Rabbit RDA.
Tools and accessories for rebuildables are also a must. At Granite Vapor, you will find accessories such as the Coil Master 3 Build Kit, custom made drip tips, and various types of cotton. Swing by the store in Kitsap County to start building your way to amazing flavor!