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We're the best vape shop in Silverdale, Washington! With an endless assortment of e-liquid and a vast selection of hardware, including mods, kits, tanks, RDAs, puff bars, and much more. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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There are so many different vape and e-cigarette products out there, and finding one that you like can be overwhelming. Fortunately for you, Granite Vapor can help! No need to waste time Googling “e-cig store near me” when you have us by your side.

We've been helping locals find high-quality vape products for years. If you're in the Silverdale area, a better vape shopping experience has finally arrived. Come visit us and browse our selection of fine products. We look forward to guiding you! 

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The #1 Vape Shop in Silverdale, WA

We know there are a lot of local vape shops in the area, but we are more than just a vape shop. We are not only your resource for everything vape-related but we are also cultivating a strong family-like community in our store. Whether you’re an advanced vapor or a newbie, you are always welcome at Granite Vapor. 

Unparalleled Product Range

We know all smokers and vapers have different preferences and budgets so we make sure to keep something for everyone in our inventory. Our mission is to be a reliable vape shop that people can count on to find everything they need. We test all our products before selling them to ensure the highest quality. You can always trust us because we only sell things we actually like! 

Your Partner in Quitting Smoking

We are a proud member of the Washington Smoke-Free Association (WASFA), a state-based non-profit organization uniting members of the vapor industry. The mission is to represent responsible manufacturers who nurture a robust vapor industry. If you're looking for the best vape pen to quit smoking or need guidance on how to make the transition, we can help.

Superior Customer Service

We're a team of friendly associates who are part of the vape community in Washington. We'll always greet you graciously and are here to help you find the products you need. Our staff is highly-trained in vape products and can give you the assistance you need to make an informed purchase. We hope to help people to switch from classic cigarettes to a healthier alternative! 

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All our products are priced fairly at standard rates for the Washington area. We are always offering great deals and promotions so visit our store today to find out what we have going on today!

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing helpful advice so clients can find exactly what they need, even if they don’t quite know it yet. If you, for whatever reason, are unhappy with your purchase, we are extremely accommodating. Come back to our vape shop and we can get you sorted right away. 

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