Salt Nic Devices

At Granite Vapor, in Kitsap County, you will find an entire case full of pod systems (salt nic devices). Pod systems are great as they are small, portable, and most can be used for salt nicotine (24MG or higher) and sub ohm e-liquid. Pod systems are also very affordable, starting around $40 for the device kit. 

Most pod systems are activated by your breath, making vaping simpler. There are many button-activated devices as well. With so many different designs and functions of pod systems, there is sure to be one for you.

Systems like the SMOK Novo 2, SMOK Novo 3, Smoke Novo 5, Caliburn A2, Hero H45 2, Geekvape Sonders U kit are incredible starter systems. These devices are great because you just fill them with e-liquid and go about your day. For example the Sonders U pod just fills up on the side and snap it back in you Sonders U kit and your good to go on your day. No buttons, no hassle. The pods for these devices are also inexpensive, which makes them an easy go to.

There are more complex pod systems as well, come look at the SMOK Nord 5 or the GeekVape Aegis Hero 2 H45. These devices have variable wattage and can use salt nicotine and sub ohm e-liquid. Although these devices are technically pod systems, they take coils, which give more flavor and cloud production.

Pod systems give new and advanced vapers the opportunity to get more nicotine from their vapes while taking less puffs on the device. Salt nicotine ranges from 20MG to 50MG, giving the vaper plenty of options in the nicotine range. 

At Granite Vapor in Silverdale, Washington, the selection of e-liquid for your pod system is vast. Come in and try flavors like Raz 9000 Polar Ice, Funky Republic 7000 Blue Razz Ice, GeekBar Pulse 15000 White Gummy Ice, Hyve 5000 Arctic Freeze, Lost Mary 5000 Strawberry Mango, Coastal Clouds Melon Berries, all ZYN Nicotine pouches and many more, incredible flavors!



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