Chewing Tobacco

You can find multiple chewing tobacco options at Granite Vapor in Silverdale, Washington.


Our selection of chewing pouches offer a discreet nicotine satisfaction without the smell of vaping or smoking. These pouches are made with 100% American tobacco and are easy to use. Visit Granite Vapor to see our complete selection.


The chewing tobacco is available in pouches, short cut, and long cut. Come in store to find your favorite brand, we offer Copenhagen, Grizzly, and Kodiak. Granite Vapor stocks an array of different flavors of chewing tobacco, including: straight tobacco, Mint, Wintergreen, and more.


The ease of use of chewing tobacco are second to none - they fit discreetly under your lip. No refilling, charging batteries, or devices - just tobacco nicotine.


Come into the Granite Vapor in Silverdale, Washington today to purchase your chewing tobacco.

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