Dessert flavors are hard to find, especially good ones. At Granite Vapor, we have cultivated the best dessert flavors for you, so you don’t have to search high and low for your sweet tooth.
A few staff favorites include D’Nish Horchata Churro, Time Bomb Maniac Blue, and Propaganda Strawberries A La Mode. 
D’Nish Horchata Churro is an absolute classic. This flavor is a creamy, desserty blend of cinnamon churro, Horchata, and creamy, vanilla ice cream. Time Bomb Maniac Blue is technically a creamy, blueberry cupcake, but we’ll tell you it is a delectable blueberry muffin. So good. Lastly, Propaganda’s Strawberry A La Mode (Strawberry Shortcake) is exactly what it sounds like -- a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. Propaganda did an incredible job on this flavor. Strawberry A La Mode has the creaminess, the breadiness, the vanilla flavor, and the sweet strawberry. 
Check out these three dessert flavors and more at Granite Vapor in Kitsap County today!