Dual Battery Mods & Kits

If you’re looking to achieve maximum cloud output, fantastic flavor, or unbeatable battery life, look no further. Dual battery mods can achieve all of those and more. With wattage ranging up to 200 Watts, any tank will do great on a dual battery mod. 
For the folks looking for a light-weight, dual battery mod, Granite Vapor carries the Vaporesso Gen, in a kit but also as just the mod. The Gen is a light-weight mod, but carries incredible specifications. Wattage boosting up to 220 Watts, the new AXON chipset, and an entire menu on screen, makes the Gen a great choice for any type of vaper.
If you’re looking for something a little more “life proof”, Granite Vapor carries the GeekVape Aegis series as well. The GeekVape line includes the Aegis Legend and Aegis,  which are both drop proof, shockproof, and waterproof. These mods are slightly hefty, but fit well in your hand. With firing power up to 200 Watts and a tough build, these mods are great for everyone. 
One of our favorite setups is the GeekVape Aegis Legend paired with the HorizonTech Falcon King. This setup is perfect for someone who wants to vape around 80 Watts and get maximum flavor, incredible battery life, and a beautiful setup all around. Don’t forget to match a Double Helix Designs drip tip with it for the ultimate setup.
**With the use of dual battery mods, you must engage in battery safety. To do this, your batteries should be “married”. What this means is that the set of batteries that you use must be used together, only. These batteries should be used at the same time, charged at the same time, and live together, always. Your married batteries should have the same voltage, amp rating, and mAh (milliamp hours). At Granite Vapor, you will only find HohmTech batteries, as they are the best of the best. HohmTech batteries hold a great charge and have specifications that beat other batteries. 
If you’re wondering what e-liquid to use in your setup, just ask one of Granite Vapor’s knowledgeable employees. The staff will help you find the perfect flavor for your palate. Honorable mentions for flavors include 7 Daze’s Reds Strawberry Iced, a super icy, apple and strawberry mix, California Grown’s Fruit Finale, a smooth blend of apple, mixed berry, and pear, and Naked 100’s Euro Gold, a sweet-like-honey tobacco.
Stop by Granite Vapor in Silverdale, Washington to see the full selection of dual battery mods and e-liquid!