Customizing and protecting your kit is very important. That's why we carry handmade drip tips and vape bands! All of our drip tips are handmade by Double Helix Designs in California. They are made of resin, which is very hard to break. The tips come in various colors, including some that glow in the dark, change color with heat, and sparkle! 
The battery selection includes 18650s, 20700s, and 26650s from HohmTech. HohmTech batteries are ‘go all day’ batteries, meaning that they run at full capacity until they need to be charged. Granite Vapor carries HomeTech products because they are made for high drain devices - like vape mods. Every HomeTech battery delivers incredible performance, capacity, consistency, and safety for vapers. 
Another accessory you’ll find at Granite Vapor is a battery charger. Whether you need a 2-bay or 4-bay charger, we’ve got you covered. Efest chargers make charging batteries simple; just plug it in, input your batteries, and wait for the light to turn from white to blue, and you’re good to go!
Swing by Granite Vapor in Kitsap County to grab your drip tip, batteries, and battery chargers! Swing by Granite Vapor in Silverdale, Washington to see the selection of drip tips and vape bands.