Internal Battery Kits

Internal battery mods have the battery cells built in. Having the battery built into the mods make vaping easier for beginners or those that don’t want to spend too much money and time on their devices. Since the batteries aren’t removable, all you have to do is plug the mod into a plug, via USB charger (that will come with your device).
Internal battery mods aren’t just for beginners though. They range from small, pod mods all the way up to mods that hold as much power as two batteries, internally.
For a budgeted vapor, internal battery mods are definitely the top choice. Just plug it in to charge, fill up your tank, and you’re good to go.
Many internal battery mods can only go up to about 80 Watts, but some have the capability of going higher. This is important to note when buying, as your battery will run out faster, the higher wattage you run.
At Granite Vapor, we carry the Drag Mini Kit (117 Watts), the Aegis Mini Kit (80 Watts), the Vape Pen 22 (~50 Watts) and a few more. 
The Drag Mini Kit contains a big battery for an internal mod. The Drag Mini Kit will last you all day, if you sit around 50-60 Watts. The new VooPoo Refresh tank is a welcomed addition to this awesome little kit. It’s a plastic tank, so if the kit gets bumped, you won’t end up with broken glass. It also comes with push in coils and holds 4.5 mL of e-liquid. You cannot go wrong with this kit! Swing by and check out the various colors in our selection.
The Aegis Mini Kit is a Granite Vapor favorite. Not only is it small and portable, it is also waterproof, drop proof, and shockproof. This internal battery mod packs a bunch of features into a small device. The mod itself can go up to 80 Watts, has different modes, and can be locked so the wattage doesn’t change in your pocket. The tank (Cerberus tank) has two different coil options - 30 to 45 Watts and 30 to 90 Watts. To conserve battery life, I recommend the lower wattage coils to start off with. The 30 to 90 Watt coils are great, but you will need to charge the Aegis Mini Kit within the day.
Swing by and check out Granite Vapor’s selection of internal battery mods in Silverdale, Washington. If you have any questions, give us a call at (360) 692-1201 or message us on Facebook!