What Different Disposable Vapes Does Geek Bar Offer?

Posted by Granite on Jan 24th 2024

What Different Disposable Vapes Does Geek Bar Offer?

What Different Disposable Vapes Does Geek Bar Offer?

Vaping might not be the best habit, but it can replace more harmful things and help you get through the day.

Around 70% of Americans vape for stress-related reasons. Vaping helps people cope with difficult and overwhelming moments when they need a boost. If you're interested in learning more about these options, Geek Bar is a great place to begin.

Take a look below to discover more about the Geek Bar Pulse 15000 and other popular options!

Geek Bar Pulse 15000

One of the most popular products from Geek Bar is the Pulse 15000 disposable vape.

Granite Vapor keeps a good stock of the Pulse in stores so you can explore all of the flavor options. This is a wonderful choice for vape pen options because of its compact size, quality, and flavors. Although this bar might be small in size, it packs a big punch of nicotine and around 15,000 puffs.

Many other disposable vapes max out on puffs before they reach 10,000. You don't have to worry about running out of liquid within a day, but you'll want to keep your charger nearby.

There are two modes for the Pulse 15000, each impacting your vaping experience. These modes can help you customize the hit so you can get larger clouds or smaller clouds with more hits. The first mode offers 7,500 puffs, but you'll be able to practice cloud art without wasting much liquid.

Sunny Tart, Watermelon Ice, and Sparkling Lemon Mint are some of the most vibrant flavors in the Pulse. If you want another type of flavor, Coco Milk Ice and Black Cherry are highly recommended.

Similar to other options, you can find Pulse pens with five percent nicotine. The best part about this option is that it also has a Power mode so little hands can't get ahold of your vape.

Granite Vapor is a reliable resource for buying Pulse 15000 bars. We believe this is one of the best vapes on the market, and you can get them in the Silverdale area. If you're interested, our team can help you find the best choice at any of our locations.

Meloso Pro

Have you fallen in love with a disposable vape, only to discover the flavor wouldn't last?

The Meloso Pro produces reliable and flavorful hits from your very first puff to the last. This bar offers around 4,000 hits, which is relatively lower than other options. Although it won't last as long, there are other features to appreciate.

Meloso Pros only have two percent nicotine, which makes them excellent for people wanting a mellow experience. Lower nicotine helps people who want to quit smoking or who get dizzy from standard bars. Try the Double Apple, Cola Ice, or Blueberry Ice flavors for a refreshing puff.

Although Granite Vapor doesn't have all Meloso bars available, don't be surprised if they are soon. Our team follows customer interest and innovative tech to ensure you get the best smoking experience. If you want to learn more about other types of Meloso bars, read below.

Geek Bar Ultra

The Geek Bar Ultra is part of the Meloso product line, but it comes with improvements.

This vape bar is said to produce the most delicious flavors of e-liquids, without burning from the coils. There's nothing worse than expecting a soothing hit, only to cough out bitter, harsh vapor from low-quality products. The Meloso Ultra is a reliable option if you want to upgrade your vaping experience.

These liquids have some of the most realistic flavors that will remind you of your favorite foods. Blue Razz Ice is a popular flavor, but the Chocolate Mint option is another intriguing choice.

Geek Bar Meloso Ultra devices are compact and discreet. They don't have a flashy exterior and there is a smaller LED display, which won't be obvious to people around you. This design is much sleeker than other Geek Bars, which makes it easier to grip and carry around.

You can keep up with Granite Vapor disposables and discover when the Ultra comes in stock. When you visit a location, talk to our staff about comparable options as well!

Meloso Mini

Around five percent of American parents claim to be active vapers, but many of their children don't know.

If you're trying to hide your vaping habit from your kids, or just want a discreet disposable, the Meloso Mini is recommended. The Meloso Mini might be small but it comes with power and nearly 1,500 puffs. This little vaporizer is affordable and you can easily tuck it away.

There is an automatic draw from dual-mesh coils that offers a smooth hit. You can find this vape in plenty of flavor options, especially if you like mint and ice combinations. Gummy Bear, Alaskan Mint, and Grape Jelly will excite your taste buds and help you through each moment.

Although this is a single-use vape, it still has a powerful battery. You can find the Meloso Mini with 50mg of nicotine, which is standard.

Geek Bar Max Meloso 9000

You're guaranteed to get your money's worth with the Meloso Max 9000.

You get an average of 9,000 puffs from each bar, containing five percent nicotine. This is a wonderful option for vaping since it comes in more than 20 flavors, many of which can be found in Granite Vapor stores.

Apple Sunrise, Columbian Coffee Ice, and Coconut Shake are some of their most unique flavor combinations. With the ability to recharge, you can get a hit of nicotine any moment you need. Follow the light indicators to know how much battery is remaining.

Granite Vapor keeps the Meloso 9000 in stock and other excellent selections. If you want to get a bar, visit the best vape shop in Washington! Our customers love these bars for their beautiful aromas and balanced flavors.

Geek Bar B5000

At Granite Vapor, you can shop from a variety of B5000 Geek Bars.

These are some of the more sleek styles from Geek Bar, and you won't feel the need to hide them. Each bar comes with an average of 5,000 puffs, which is great for being a disposable vape. The devices have a strong battery and you can recharge it until you run out of juice.

If you enjoy strawberry smoothies, the Strawberry Banana Ice is a great flavor to start with. Watermelon Cherry, Apple Dragon Fruit, and Lemon Iced Tea are other popular flavors. Some people enjoy simple flavors, like Mint and Tobacco, which you can also find in this collection.

It's easy to see the variety of flavors in the B5000 because each one comes in a unique flavor. The technology used for the mesh coils helps preserve the flavor and make it last until the end.

Many customers enjoy this design for its size and exterior style. The rubber surface is easy to grip and the flat crystal on the mouthpiece adds comfort. Whether you occasionally hit your vapes or rely on them throughout the day, you won't get annoyed over the simplicity of this product.


If you're looking for a straightforward vape, the C600 is the best on the market.

Geek Bar understands that not all of their customers want long-lasting vapes. Disposable vapes are bought for a reason, you can replace them before they go bad. With fewer puffs, you can finish a flavor before the juice starts burning.

The C600 comes in two percent nicotine, which makes it ideal for people trying to stop smoking cigarettes. Studies indicate that cigarette smokers can improve their well-being and health by switching to vapes. You can give these bars a try without feeling guilty about the costs.

Most Geek Bar products are in a square or rectangular shape, but the C600 is not. This vape is a small, slim device that looks similar to a USB. Ginger Soda, Polar Ice Mint, and Pineapple Peach Mango are some of the best flavors to try.

Even if you use other Geek Bars, this can be a good option to use in the evenings. With less nicotine, you won't get too much of a buzz and be up all night. This size is also ideal for people who "socially vape," and only need a device for a day.

Geek Bar DF6000

Another basic model of the Geek Bar is the DF6000, which comes in five percent nicotine.

These vape bars focus on simplicity and although you won't find as ambitious of flavor combinations, you will enjoy each puff. The mesh coil and high-quality battery help evenly burn e-liquids so you can get a flavorful hit each time you pick up your bar.

Strawberry, Cola, Apple, and Banana Ice Cream are a few flavors you can get in this option. Each flavor uses two colors on the vape exterior, enhancing its overall appearance. The small size and smooth texture also make the DF6000 easy to grip.

If you run out of battery, which is indicated with a light, you can recharge it with a Type-C cable. Fortunately, Type-C chargers are becoming more common and you may have extras around the house.

Although we don't carry this option at Granite Vapor, we have many other comparable products. Talk to our team to start discovering what's out there!


If the DF6000 doesn't have enough to offer, you might want to consider the DF8000.

This Geek Bar averages about 8,000 puffs and will notify you when you're running out. You can buy these bars in both two and five-percent nicotine, so you don't have to change flavors for a more mellow effect.

Blue Cotton Candy is one of the tastiest flavors you can find the DF8000 in, but there are other selections to know about. Black Ice, Lush Ice, and Blue Razz Lemonade offer unique flavors that will excite your taste buds and mind.

There are red, yellow, and green lights that display the battery percentage and liquid remaining. This is a useful feature since it can prevent you from going without nicotine. Another great feature of this bar is that it uses enhanced air heating tech to create an authentic flavor.

Unlike other Geek Bars, the DF8000 uses a silicone mouthpiece, which is soft and flexible. Your lips can gently wrap around the mouthpiece for a full cloud.

J1 Pod Kit

If you're wondering what the "J" stands for in the J1 Pod Kit, it means jet!

This compact Geek Bar breaks the mold with a slimmer style, more similar to vape pen options. Geek Bar strives to create diverse types of vapes, as not everyone wants square or rectangular devices.

The J1 Pod Kit offers roughly 600 puffs and comes in two percent nicotine. Having the option for less nicotine can be beneficial for people trying to control their habits. Whether you're new to vaping or want to try something new, the J1 is a great choice.

Although this might be one of the smaller vapes from Geek Bar, it still can recharge. Cheesy Blueberry Jelly, Lime Cactus, and Orange Vanilla are delicious flavors captured in J1 vape bars. The tropical fruit and Mango Smoothie can also appeal to taste buds.

What makes this vape so valuable, however, is its replacement abilities. You can swap the battery or juice pod whenever you need to. Changing pods is a convenient feature if you don't have the option to charge up.


The standard (TPD) version of the C600 comes with 600 puffs on average and only two percent nicotine.

Pineapple Coconut Milk, Watermelon Ice, and Pineapple Peach Mango are some of our customer's favorites. Young vapers enjoy using the C600 for its straightforward design and user-friendly features.

If you have any questions about our product lines, contact our team today. We have a short inquiry form you can complete to get the answers you need, without a phone call.

What Types of Vapes Will You Try?

Whether you select the Geek Bar Pulse 15000 or Geek Bar Mini, you'll enjoy each puff your bar offers.

With so many vape flavors and options on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down options to the best ones. Talking to our team, at Granite Vapor, will ensure you enjoy your vaping session and never get sick of the liquid.

If you want to learn more about the vaping industry, take a look at the most innovative features in our post!