Vape Shop: What's the Difference Between FRE and ZYN Nicotine Pouches

Posted by Granite on Jan 9th 2024

Vape Shop: What's the Difference Between FRE and ZYN Nicotine Pouches

At this point, you've likely heard of ZYN pouches, they are sold at most gas stations and smoke shops around the country.

ZYN was a leading brand in the industry, but standards have shifted and our customers are looking for other options. If you're searching for a new way to consume nicotine, you should consider a FREsh product. FRE pouches are similar to ZYN, but there are some notable differences.

Take a look below to discover which item is best for your preferences and head to our vape shop!

What Are FRE Nicotine Pouches?

FRE is one of the latest brands to enter the nicotine industry, and so far, our customers love the products.

Adults who want to consume nicotine, without obvious signs, are the ideal customers. FRE specializes in spit-free, smoke-free, and tobacco-free products that still offer a kick of energy. The formulas may change depending on which product you select, but they all contain pure nicotine salts.

Without smoke or potent aromas, you can use these pouches in almost any setting. You won't need to stay near a sink or water bottle since you can swallow your saliva during use.

Discovering ZYN

Since 2019, ZYN nicotine pouches have doubled in sales and they've become a staple alternative to tobacco products.

ZYN products are comparable to FRE since they both contain nicotine salts and are tobacco-free. With ZYN having been on the market for a longer period, they have more products in their collection than FRE. Most of our customers who are trying FRE, began with ZYN pouches.

These pouches are highly recommended by our team because of their high quality and flavors. They are made with food-grade ingredients, meaning less damage to your body and lungs. If you're looking to break free from vaping, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco, this is a wonderful option.

Differences Between the Most Popular Brands

These products might seem like they're the same, but they have drastic changes from one another.

Regardless of the industry, a brand must use differentiation tactics to gain a loyal customer base. Nicotine pouches come in so many varieties now that you can easily tell them apart from one another. Although they have similar ingredients and flavors, there is more to discover about each choice.

Bite into the information below to understand more about each option. Our team can also help you find the right product if you visit one of our stores in Kitsap County!

Nicotine Strengths

One of the most significant differences between FRE and ZYN is the nicotine strengths.

Currently, our Granite Vapor stores in Kitsap County offer FRE pouches in 12mg and 15mg strength. FRE is a brand-new company, so it is still trying to make its newer products more accessible. Once we can get our hands on the lower strengths, we plan to fill our shelves with diverse products.

If you're looking for a lower nicotine strength, ZYN might be a better option. Our 3mg and 6mg tins are some of our best-sellers, especially for people who are trying to quit smoking. A normal cigarette offers around 12mg of nicotine, so these pouches won't feel overwhelming.

The best way to determine your ideal strength is by testing the pouches out. If you feel dizzy or get a stomach ache, you may want to look for lower options. As you build a tolerance, you might need to increase the strength over time.

If you're trying to quit tobacco or other nicotine products, we recommend gradually reducing the percentage. As you get lower, you can find nicotine-free options, but they come in other products.

Flavor Options

FRE and ZYN may have a few flavors in common, but each brand has something unique to offer.

Our stores offer all four flavors of FRE pouches, such as mint, wintergreen, sweet, and lush. These choices are refreshing and appeal to most taste buds, but they are slightly limited. The Mint and Wintergreen are the store's most popular selections, but lush and sweet are also great.

FRE Lush nicotine pouches combine flavors from the best tropical fruits you know. Citrus and sweet, fruity flavors create a vibrant and uplifting experience, unlike chewing tobacco. The Sweet pouches are unflavored, but they have a subtle aroma and aftertaste that reminds people of sugar.

If you're looking for a larger selection, ZYN might be the better choice. This brand has developed high-quality pouches in 10 flavors so customers can enjoy their products. If you're not impressed with the FRE mint or wintergreen pouches, you can also find them from ZYN.

Other refreshing and cooling flavors are Spearmint, Cool Mint, Peppermint, and Menthol. ZYN has also developed more flavorful options like the Cinnamon and Coffee pouches. For something unique, our team recommends Smooth, Chill, or Citrus nicotine pouches!

Once you find the flavor you like, you can get a surge of energy and concentration. Nicotine has links to increasing energy and focus, which is why many people use these products while working or studying. Luckily, there are delicious flavors to try while you get a brain boost!


Since FRE pouches are newer in the industry, they aren't as accessible as ZYN.

Our team works hard to fill our shelves with the latest products, however, there are only so many FRE items available. Luckily, if you do enjoy FRE pouches, you can get them from any of our locations. We plan to stock up on additional products as they're released, so keep an eye on our selections!

Aside from FRE, our company also carries the original favorite- ZYN. ZYN pouches were our leading nicotine pouch, but FRE has changed the game as our customers explore new options.

Although FRE is taking over, you can still find all of the selections of ZYN at our stores. We want to provide our customers with reliability and consistency, so if the products are selling, we keep ordering. When you visit our stores, you can discover the friendly atmosphere and never get annoyed having to buy pouches again!

Number of Pouches

If you're switching from ZYN to FRE, you might be pleasantly surprised about the additional pouches.

FRE provides 20 pouches in each of the tins. Every pouch can offer nicotine for up to 40 minutes, but this can vary based on the placement or person using it. Nicotine tolerance and the strength of the pouches will determine how long you feel the effects, regardless of the brand.

Since these pouches work so well, many people want to stock up so they don't run out. The Mega Tins have 100 pouches, which can reduce your number of stops at the vape shop. Some of our customers, however, still visit regulalry to discover new items and deals.

The round, white cans make it easy to identify ZYN, but most of them don't hold as much as FRE. The standard can of ZYN has 15 pouches, and they come at lower nicotine percentages. If you're looking for a strong amount, FRE is the most sensible choice since it contains more nicotine and pouches.

Discretion Comparison

Being nicotine-salt pouches, it doesn't get much more discreet than ZYN and FRE.

Nicotine products may have aromatic and flavorful options, but they typically won't blow your cover. You can use either of these products in public, without anyone noticing. The slim designs don't make a lump in your mouth and the white color blends in well with teeth.

There is no vapor to exhale, so you don't have to stress about cloud puffs surrounding you during use. FRE uses menthol and refreshing flavors that won't attract unwanted attention. Most people will assume you're chewing gum or a mint instead of getting a boost of nicotine.

The best part about these pouches is they are both spit-free nicotine products. You won't have to stand over a sink or garbage again, or ever think of a spit bottle. No tobacco leaves are used in ZYN or FRE, so it's a cleaner experience and no one will notice.

Whether you're on the go or sitting at home, these are the perfect products. Talk to our team or check out our blog if you want to learn more. We have also compiled a list of our favorite nicotine pouches if you want to find other selections!

Why Shop with Us?

As mentioned above, you can find some of these products outside of our store, but we believe our shops have a lot to offer.

Based in Washington, Granite Vapor is a reliable place to find tobacco, nicotine, coffee, and other products. We use a modern style throughout our store designs, making some people think they've entered the "Apple" of the nicotine industry. The lighting and product placements help our team and customers feel comfortable and calm while shopping.

If you think back on all the vape and smoke shops you've entered, some of them were likely a hole-in-the-wall. Vape shop owners don't invest a lot into their stores, but we hope to offer a different experience. Our team works closely together to create an uplifting environment, and the customers notice.

If you're a service member, you will also be recognized when you come into our stores. If you can show the proper credentials, we provide military discounts to support the community. We hope all of our customers find what they need and more when they walk through the doors.

Expanding on Our Selections

At Granite Vapor, you can find a wide array of products to get you through the day.

We have ZYN and FRE pouches, along with several other brands in stock. Aside from them, we provide salt nicotine liquids and disposables. If you're looking for vaping hardware, we keep a good selection in our Silverdale location.

If you don't want to get another boost of nicotine, you can also look at our coffee selection. Our stores carry ground and whole beans coffees from Onyx Coffee Lab and Hawaii Coffee Company. These brands are packed with flavor, aromatics, and caffeine.

Hawaii Coffee Company is known for its infusion of tropical flavors and Kona coffee. This brand provides a consistent flavor and is considered high-quality in the area. Being in Washington, this says a lot about the taste!

Onyx Coffee Lab is more than meets the eye. This coffee uses complex flavor combinations and enhances aromatics for the customer's experience. Our team recommends the Southern Weather, 40% White Matcha, and Ecuador Dark Milk selections.

Where Can You Find Granite Vapor?

Vape shops have over-satiated the market in some areas, and many of them fail to find success.

Granite Vapor has been around long enough to establish itself in one of the busiest communities and expand. We have several locations scattered throughout Kitsap County, so you shouldn't have to drive far. With enough success, this brand can expand outside the region, but we always prioritize our customers first.

Silverdale and Kingston are two of our top stores. The Silverdale location keeps a large inventory of products but you don't need to feel rushed with our layout. This store has a long bar with benches along the wall so that all the products are displayed.

You can look at our offerings online, on the walls in the store, or with our menus. Each of our locations has a menu of offerings so you don't overlook anything.

If you're not near the Silverdale or Kingston location, there are other stores you can visit. We have locations in Belfair, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, and Poulsbo.

Get Your Nicotine Fix at Our Local Vape Shops

Going to the local vape shop doesn't necessarily mean you will walk out with a puff stick.

At Granite Vapor, we offer an array of products to help people get the most suitable source of nicotine. Whether you are a previous smoker or looking to increase concentration, nicotine pouches are one of the cleanest ways to get a boost. We offer both ZYN and FRE because of their unique features and flavors.

There are plenty of nicotine alternatives to discover. Be sure to check out our blog for the latest info on the vaping and nicotine industries!