Vape Battery Safety and Why It's Important

Oct 5th 2020

Vape Battery Safety and Why It's Important

We have all heard the horror stories about vape batteries exploding and causing gruesome injuries.

Leading to the mythology that vape batteries are unsafe and more or less time bombs in your pocket. Luckily this is untrue, and with the right battery safety knowledge and procedures, you can vape in without risk of an explosion.

Are Vape Batteries Safe?

It is important to spread knowledge around vape battery safety. The truth is that exploding batteries are extremely rare. Only about 1 in 10 million batteries explode and the best news is that exploding batteries can be avoided entirely.

Almost all cases of exploding batteries result from the misuse of the battery and the device. Unlike our smartphones which come with batteries made specifically for those devices, vape devices typically do not have a manufacturer-approved battery. This means you need to know how to select the right battery for your vape.

Vape Batteries

Vaporizer batteries are no different from those in our smartphones. That's right, the batteries you use in your vaporizer are just like the ones in the device that spends hours each day in your pocket or by your ear.

Vaporizers use Lithium-Ion batteries. These are the same batteries used in laptops, tablets, and many other common devices. These batteries are so safe in the fact that they are used in many medical devices.

Lithium-Ion batteries are very popular because they produce incredible amounts of power and are very safe. So why is there concern over safety with vape batteries?

The main difference between vape batteries and smartphone batteries is that smartphone manufacturers custom-build their batteries specifically for those devices' demands. Vape users often choose their batteries. Others customize their vaporizers to produce more power and bigger vape clouds.

This results in users selecting the wrong battery for their device and this is when the risk of malfunctioning batteries occurs. It is important vape users possess the right knowledge to ensure they select the right battery, understand its correct use, and avoid cheap or poor quality products.

Vape Battery Safety

If you follow our guide to vape battery safety you won't ever be at risk of an exploding device. First and foremost is to buy a high-quality vape.

Investing in a good quality vape is the best decision you can make. You use your vape every day, spending a little more for a quality device is safer and will save you money in the long run.

Next is to research batteries and find the right one. Some vapes will come with built-in batteries, especially if you invest in a good vape. However, if you need to choose your batteries do some research. You will want to buy high-quality rechargeable 18650 batteries from reputable brands.

Buy yourself a smart charger. Batteries can become damaged from overcharging or discharging. A smart charger won't overcharge your battery and offers other safety features that will keep your battery in optimal condition.

Always use a battery case when transporting batteries. This is far too often overlooked. When you are carrying your extra batteries you must keep them in a case.

If batteries come into contact with metal objects such as coins or keys you may damage the battery or even possibly cause a hazardous explosion as the interaction can complete a circuit between negative and positive.

Be mindful of the weather. Keep your device and batteries out of the rain, but also be mindful of the temperature.

You may have noticed your iPhone shuts down in extreme heat. Your vape won't have the same safety feature, but extreme heat or cold can damage your device's battery. Generally, it is best to keep your device between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use the charging cable your battery came with. Most of us have dozens of charging cords lying about and assume they are all the same. This is not true. The cable your battery came with is designed for that battery.

Other cables may have a higher voltage than your battery can handle, which will damage the battery.

Always Avoid These Common Mistakes

Almost all battery explosions and vaporizer related injuries come from these common vaporizer and battery care mistakes. Most importantly is never uses faulty batteries, this always ends poorly. If the battery is faulty, the case is warped or damaged, or the battery won't keep a charge, expose of the battery.

Never leave the battery charging unattended. Most well-made vaporizers will have a cut-off function where they stop charging when they are full, but many do not and some of these that do can fail.

Overcharging will damage your battery. So make sure you check it regularly when charging and never charge it overnight.

Do not exceed the amps of your battery. This is a little more complex, but understanding Ohms law is critical to battery safety.

If you exceed the amps of your battery you will risk battery failure and a possibly dangerous incident. Take the discharge rate (amps) divide it by your voltage level by coil resistance (ohms) and never exceed this rating. This is even more important if you modify your vape.

Avoid charging or resting your vaporizer on flammable surfaces. This includes your bed or pillows. Also, prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

This means not leaving it on your car dashboard or the windowsill for too long. Do not mix and match batteries and chargers. Do your best to use the same type of batteries at the same time.

If you do end up rotating different batteries do not mix and match the chargers. Always charge each battery with its correct charger.

Never fully discharge your battery. over-discharging the battery is just as damaging as overcharging and will damage the battery and weaken its output.

Vape Risk-Free

The truth is that vaporizers use incredibly safe lithium-ion batteries. But because most mods do not come with manufacturer-approved batteries vape users need to be far more knowledgeable about which batteries they use and how to use them.

If you follow our battery safety guide you will be able to enjoy your vape without the risk of your device exploding.

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