TimeBomb Vapors: A Deeper Look Into the E-Liquid Brand

Nov 5th 2020

TimeBomb Vapors: A Deeper Look Into the E-Liquid Brand

You might've already heard about the Time Bomb vapors e-liquid brand by now. You might not know that Time Bomb is created and owned by Buckshot Vapors—another one of the best e-liquid brands you can buy.

So, what makes this company so good at what they do? How can they keep creating best-selling e-liquid brands one after the other?

Time Bomb E-Liquid: Their History Makes Their Flavors Great

Buckshot Vapors, and by extension, Time Bomb vapors, is a family-owned company that's been striving for years to make the highest quality possible vape juice, with the best flavors that they can, ever since the start of the vaping revolution.

What sets them apart is the use of pharmaceutical-grade glycerine and ingredients as well as food-grade flavorings. Even better, everything that Time Bomb produces is manufactured in the United States. So, not only are you buying high-quality e-liquid at a reasonable price, you're buying locally made e-liquid that directly feeds into the U.S. economy.

The Beginning

Greg and Alena started Time Bomb at the beginning of the vaping revolution. They saw an opportunity for high-quality, mind-blowing flavors in a market that hadn't quite decided what it wanted to be yet. With a limited number of manufacturers to compete against, Greg and Alena threw themselves into development. They worked overtime, on weekends, and well into the nights to develop the flavor combinations that make them successful with BuckShot and eventually, with Time Bomb.

Greg and Alena's desire to stand out is evident in their branding, which is full of bright colors and extreme designs. All of their efforts allowed them to break free of the subdued branding that many companies were pursuing at the time and to become an extreme success.

The Inception of Time Bomb

After several years of success with Buckshot, and with the vaping market as a whole, Greg and Alena started considering a more premium and refined line of e-liquids. That's how the idea for Time Bomb began—as a desire to take what they'd learned to create the best product they possibly could.

As Time Bomb was under development, Greg and Alena began to consider the branding of their product. As they thought, they realized that this brand had to be close to who they were. By combining Greg's love of California's skateboard culture and Alena's love for punk rock, the name "Time Bomb" for the brand and the iconic skeleton design for the box was born.

Time Bomb's flavors took the vaping world by storm, selling out in stores and reaching new markets until it was on the shelves of nearly every vape shop you can go into—including ours.

Where They Are Now

To this day, the same Greg and Alena craft new flavors for Time Bomb to create natural flavors that can be enjoyed all day by anyone with a sense of taste. Their unflinching march towards quality has brought Greg and Alena to the very front of the vaping movement.

Our Favorite Flavors

By far, the best e-liquid varieties that we've seen from Time Bomb are TNT and TNT ICE with strawberry, apple, and peach. These e-liquids are made with high-quality ingredients in a 60 to 40, VG to PG ratios. That means that they'll hit smooth and create thick, if somewhat smaller, clouds.

Here's why we think these flavors are so great.


Time Bomb's TNT is sweet, but it's not too sweet. So, how did Time Bomb control an e-liquid with strawberry, peach, and apple, possibly the sweetest flavors they could've chosen from?

TNT leans into the ways that these flavors compliment each other. The peach is pleasantly sweet, the apple is tart, and the strawberry flavor hangs in the background providing both sweet and tart flavors to tie everything together.

On our first try, TNT surprised us with the changes in its flavor profile. TNT starts with a wave of peach, followed by a hint of a smile from the strawberry that carries us to our ultimate destination—the tart twist of apple flavor.

Then, you get to start the journey all over again. On your second hit, the tartness from the apple mingles and mixes with the sweet peach. Both flavors enhance each other to create something bigger and better than the flavors could've achieved independently.

What's more, we were impressed by TNT's ability to maintain a consistent flavor throughout different wattages—which means that this juice is good for going all day without changing flavors.

The balance and easy hits from this e-liquid elevate TNT to new levels of flavor. We couldn't recommend it more.


We recommend TNT ICE to former smokers of menthol cigarettes. This e-Liquid is especially suitable for former smokers because the TNT ICE flavor moves the menthol flavor slightly closer to peppermint. TNT ICE Helps anyone trying to quit the habit to gradually replace the familiar menthol flavor with peppermint, reducing the chance that they'll fall back into the habit.

Not to say that TNT ICE doesn't pack a punch. This juice is one of our favorites because of how big and bold Time Bomb has gone with the menthol they've added.

Kind of like a crisp fall morning rich with the smell of fruit and cider—TNT ICE balances out the strong taste of menthol and mint with equally strong, layer fruit flavors. With each pull, the flavors should shift between strawberry, apple, and peach before being completely obliterated again by the lingering minty taste.

We've even had reports from people who don't like mint e-liquid who say that TNT ICE is one of the best flavors that they've ever tried.

TNT ICE smacks you in the face and leaves you wanting more.

Don't Sleep on This Ticking Time Bomb

What's does all this boil down to?

The Time Bomb brand isn't just about great e-liquid; it's about the best—the best flavors, the best owners, and the best all day pulls. We love this brand; our customers love this brand, and thousands of others who've given this brand five stars adore this brand. We couldn't recommend this e-liquid brand over other e-liquid brands more.

We don't just write about e-liquids. We cover so much more in our blog as well. We'd love it if you went to check it out!