18 Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy Disposable Vapes Online

Posted by Granite Vapor on Jan 16th 2023

18 Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy Disposable Vapes Online

Eight percent of polled Americans admitted to vaping in 2022. You may be one of these Americans or you're looking to get in on the craze. Either way, if you found this article, you're probably buying disposable vape products online for the first time.

As there are a lot of bad products out there, you have to be careful. Let this article be your vape buying guide for online shops. Read on to learn twenty questions that you should ask before you buy disposable vapes online.

1. What Are Disposable Vaping Products?

Before you buy disposable vapes online, you should research a bit about how they work. To put it in a nutshell, disposable vape pens are the easier-to-use cousins of more advanced vaping kits. This ease of use can make it much easier for someone who hasn't used a vape pen to start on their vaping journey.

Simple Construction

They have few, if any, buttons, don't need any recharging or refilling, and just have a pod, coil, and battery. The pod is already pre-filled with e-liquid and a heating element wrapped with cotton that absorbs the e-liquid. The vape's battery will heat the coil and cause the e-liquid to evaporate and form the cloud that you inhale.

Dispose of Them When Finished

Once users finish the vape pen, they will throw it out. Disposable vape pens usually last around as much as a pack or two of cigarettes. How long these pens last depends on how much the user in question vapes.

2. How Do You Use a Disposable Vape Pen?

Another important piece of information that you should learn is how to use your disposable vape pen. Though disposable vape pens are easy to use, there are still right and wrong ways to do it. Also, be careful to not confuse the methods for using more complicated vaping products with those of disposable products.

Preparing the Pen

To begin, remove the vape pen from its package and look for a button. If the pen has one, press it until the indicator light turns on. If it doesn't have one, you can move on to inhaling the vapor.

Inhaling the Vapor

Put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale. Inhaling should cause a button-less pen indicator light to turn on. Then, take your mouth off the pen and exhale the vapor into the air.

3. Should You Take Small or Big Draws?

Take smaller draws if this is your first time using nicotine products. A deeper draw will cause you to take in a lot of nicotine. Too much nicotine at once can cause you to feel unpleasant.

If You've Taken Nicotine Before

If you've used cigarettes or other vaping products before, you may have a higher tolerance. You can probably handle taking longer draws and pulling more nicotine into your lungs. If you're not sure of your tolerance levels, though, experiment with different draw strengths.

Shorter Draws Extend Your Vape's Lifespan

Keep in mind, though, that shorter draws will make your vape pen last longer. Longer draws will cause it to run out of e-liquid faster and stop working. If you want your vape pen to last longer, take shorter draws.

4. How Should You Store a Vape Pen?

Extreme temperatures can cause damage to most disposable vape products. Therefore, you should store them in places that are regularly not too hot or cold. Your vape pens should last until you're ready to use them then.

Stand Them Upright

Make sure that you store them standing upright. This will prevent the cotton in the pen from drawing out. If this happens, you can experience an unpleasant "dry puff".

Make Them Secure

Another important consideration is who could have access to your vape pens. Do you have pets and/or children in your home? If so, you must make certain that they can't easily access your vaping products.

Keep Them Safe

In addition, make certain that your pens will remain safe from any harm. A fall can break them and render them useless. Place them somewhere where they won't easily fall.

5. What Disposable Vaping Products Would You Recommend?

This is not necessarily one of the vaping questions that you should ask an online vape shop's customer service. You can, but remember that the person behind the computer may or may not vape. It's better to ask experienced people about some of the products they've used to get the best first-hand details about using a product.

Ask Friends Who Vape

Do you personally know anyone who uses disposable vape products? If so, ask them about their preferences first. They should have some products that they like to regularly use and they can tell you about their personal experiences with them.

Ask Vapers on Social Media

If you're not close with any vapers, consider turning to social media sites groups for people who vape. Ask the group members there about which disposable vapes they like to use. You should be able to get a list of high-quality products from their answers.

6. What Are the Reviews of Different Disposable Vape Products?

Another way that you can learn about what vaping products are great is by reading reviews. However, you have to be careful when you're reading reviews as some of them can be fake. Below you'll find some tips for sussing out fake reviews.

Look For Simple Reviews

Fake reviews are usually short and not sweet. They don't go into great detail when they're talking about the product. If you read a lot of reviews like "great product" and "loved it", you can reasonably assume the product makers are generating fake reviews.

Check Negative Reviews Too

Fake reviews don't have to be positive. Manufacturers can buy negative reviews and send the reviewers after a competitor. So check the negative reviews for overly simple statements as well.

7. Where Is the Best Place to Buy Disposable Vapes Online?

This is another of the vaping questions you can ask experienced vapers. They can recommend you some online vape shops that they use. However, you should also try to examine the details of each possible vape shop that you're considering using.

Find Out the Business' Lifespan

For example, you can check and see how long the online vape shop has been in business. The longer that a vape shop has been in business, the more likely it has provided its clients with high-quality services. Customers likely would have not returned if they were wronged and this would've killed the site.

Learn About the Return Policy

You should also check to see if the site has a fair return policy. A site without this can easily scam you if they want. They can send poor-quality products or no products at all after you place an order.

Look at the Website of the Online Vape Shop

A professional and honest online vape vendor is more likely to have a decent-looking website. Also, scammers often purposely make themselves look scammy. They will attract only the people that are easily fooled and cause smart people to flee.

Examine the website of each vendor that you want to buy from. Is it decently organized and there are no bugs to be found? If so, the vendor you're considering using is likely good to work with.

8. What's My Budget for Buying Vape Products?

It's easy to get carried away when you're buying vape products. You want to make sure that you make a budget that's reasonable for your income. Knowing that you have to stay around that price range can help you limit the number of vape products you purchase.

Cheap But Not Too Cheap

Just make sure that you don't go too cheap. It's reasonable to not spend as much at first. You don't want to find out that you don't like vaping and waste money on products that you end up throwing out.

Quality Is Important

However, you still need a disposable vape pen, e-liquid, etc. that is of decent enough quality. You don't want a bad-quality product to ruin your vaping experience. Try to find a good middle ground between the price and quality.

9. Do You Need Pens With Longer Lifespans?

Disposable vape pens only last until the e-liquid or the battery runs out. This probably won't be an issue for someone who's often at home. He or she can just grab vape pens from wherever he or she stores their choice of products at home.

Short Lifespans Can Be Frustrating

However, it can be inconvenient if you run out of disposable vapes while you're on a long trip in an exotic locale. A similar situation can occur if you have back-to-back long work shifts. You may not be able to get new disposable vape pens right away in these situations and this can feel frustrating.

Longer Lifespans Can Feel More Convenient

Therefore, if you're frequently in situations where you can't get new vape pens, consider buying vape pens that last longer. There are plenty of vape pens that have this feature. This will ensure that you're comfortable the whole time you're away or working hard.

10. What Are My Nicotine Needs?

Are you trying to switch from cigarettes to vape pens? If so, you may want to buy a disposable vape that has a high amount of nicotine in its e-liquid. This should make it easier for you to make the switch.

If You're Quitting Cigarettes

Starting like this can also help you quit nicotine for good if you wish. You can easily purchase pens with less and less nicotine over time. This can help you eventually wean yourself off the drug.

If You're Just Starting With Nicotine

If you're a complete beginner and haven't tried any nicotine products before, start small. Taking too much nicotine when you're not used to it can be overwhelming. It's better to gain some tolerance first before you go heavy on nicotine.

11. Do You Need a Smaller Size?

Consider what might happen if somebody catches you with a vape device. Will it ruin your reputation and cause you to lose opportunities? Will it cause you to get in trouble for breaking a rule?

Smaller Pens Are More Discreet

If so, you may want to ensure that you can easily hide your vape pen should you need to. To help yourself do this successfully, you may need to buy smaller vaping pens. Luckily, you can find a wide variety of sizes when you're buying vaping pens.

Smaller Pens Won't Last as Long

These will, unfortunately, have a smaller storage capacity. However, you may be able to find a happy medium between your size and lifespan needs.

12. What Durability Level Do You Need?

If your job involves a lot of physical labor, your vape pen could take a beating. It will likely bump against other objects in your bag or pocket. This may cause enough damage for your disposable pen to spring a leak before you finish using it or just stop working.

Don't Make Your Shift Miserable

You'll likely feel uncomfortable if your vape pen or pens break before your work shift ends. On top of that, you will feel the sting of having wasted your money.

Analyze Your Daily Physical Work Activity

Consider what your daily amount of physical activity looks like. If it seems that you're moving a lot, try to find more durable disposable vape products. They should be less likely to break after a large amount of jostling.

13. Do You Want to Blow Clouds?

Not all types of vape pens and e-liquids are great for cloud-blowing tricks. You'll need a vape pen with a high-powered coil. The e-liquid inside of it should also contain a high amount of vegetable glycerine (VG) e-liquids.

Don't Get MTL Vape Pens

To put it another way, you'd want a direct-to-lung (DTL) type vape pen rather than a mouth-to-lung (MTL) style pen. An MTL device is lower power and tends to resemble a cigarette in the method you use to inhale. It usually functions best with propylene glycol (PG) e-liquids.

Get DTL Vape Pens Instead

A DTL device, also known as a sub-ohm device, typically has a higher power level and handles VG e-liquids well. Unfortunately, most disposable vapes are MTL. However, there are some products out there that are DTL.

14. What E-Liquid Flavors Do You Want?

Ask this question to remind yourself that there are a large number of flavor options out there. Fruity and sweet flavors are probably the most commonly known types. However, there are a few spicy and savory options as well.

Look at All the Options

Take a look at all the different options that the online vape shop and its products offer. This will make you more likely to choose a flavor that you love. This will enhance your vaping experience.

Don't Expect Certain Flavors

Don't expect to find a favorite flavor as you're shopping around or get attached to one specific e-liquid flavor. Disposable vape products usually only have so many flavor options and your favorite flavor may not be available. Also, one product may not have the same flavor options that other vaping products do.

Try Mild Flavors First

As an added tip, you may want to try milder flavors first. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed with your first taste. You can move on to stronger flavors later.

15. Do These E-Liquids Contain VG or PG?

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG were mentioned earlier. These are two compounds that make up the bulk of most e-liquids. People may prefer one or the other or a certain mix of the two for different reasons.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a compound that manufacturers will make from vegetable oil. It is classified as an organic sugar-alcohol compound and contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It has a slightly sweet taste and can make vapor clouds denser.

Why Choose Vegetable Glycerin?

Vapers have reported that a VG-based liquid can feel smoother. This makes it a better choice for beginner vapers. In addition, VG doesn't cause allergic reactions like PG sometimes does.

Is Vegetable Glycerin Safe?

You've likely ingested VG before. VG is used in a lot of products, including toothpaste. In addition, high-quality e-liquid manufacturers use pharmaceutical-grade VG.

Also, VG is listed on the FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. So you'll probably be okay when you ingest VG.

What Is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Propylene glycol is an odorless and colorless liquid that comes from petroleum. It's also less thick than VG and creates less vapor. This is the reason why vapers who like to make clouds don't use it.

Why Choose Propylene Glycol?

PG is better at carrying the flavor and nicotine of e-liquids. It also causes a certain "throat hit" that some former smokers have said is similar to smoking. Thus, it may be a better choice for someone who is switching from cigarettes.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?

Pharmaceutical grade PG is also on the GRAS list. Most manufacturers have switched to using this type of PG.

However, some people have a natural allergy to PG. It can cause their throat and sinuses to itch. If this happens to you, you may want to stick with e-liquids that only have VG juices.

16 Do These E-Liquids Contain Diketones?

The 'diketones' are a group of chemicals that manufacturers include in products to create a creamy, buttery flavor. Common diketones include the chemicals diacetyl, acetyl, or acetoin. You may prefer to avoid e-liquids with diketones in them.

Health Problems With Diketones

Some scientific evidence has found that diketones may cause health issues. It is even banned in the EU. In the US, workers have to wear special safety equipment to deal with diketones.

There haven't been any health issues connected with e-liquids that contain diketones. However, there's another reason why you should avoid diketones.

Diketones May Be Used in Lower Quality Products

Most high-quality e-liquid manufacturers will steer clear of diketones and use higher-quality products. If you see products in an online vape shop that contain diketones, you may want to choose something of higher quality.

Again, though, there hasn't been any scientific evidence that vaping e-liquids with diketones is harmful to health. They may be safer in smaller doses.

17. Is the E-Liquids' Laboratory ISO-7 Certified?

Manufacturers should brew the best premium e-liquids in laboratories that meet rigorous regulatory standards. At best, the manufacturers should brew their liquids in small batches in laboratories that meet ISO-7 certification standards.

What Are ISO-7 Certification Standards?

ISO-7 certification standards are a set of standards used to judge the contamination levels of a laboratory. Ideally, an ISO-7-certified laboratory should stay as uncontaminated as possible. This can mean that a laboratory needs efficient HEPA filters, enough air changes, etc.

18. Are These Vape Products Cruelty-Free?

The term 'cruelty-free' generally means that a company doesn't test its products on animals. Do you care about the welfare of animals? If so, you probably don't want to use disposable vape products that have been tested on animals.

Here are some ways that you can check if a manufacturer is cruelty-free or not.

Contact the Customer Service

Don't try to reach out to the company via social media. You're not going to reach someone who is trained in handling customer service questions.

Ask About Third Party Companies as Well

Sometimes companies will get certain ingredients for vape products from other companies. The latter company is known as a 'third party company'. You should ask the main company if the third party tests on animals.

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Along with these, there are probably a few more vaping questions you can ask when you buy disposable vapes online. Do some more research and thinking. You'll probably come up with a few more ways that you can ensure you can get the vaping experience that you want.

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